Thursday, June 30, 2011

Deadline for sponsorship is fast approaching!!

Exams went very well last week, despite difficulties in trying to print them out since the flash must have had a bad virus of some kind since although we saved it when we plugged the flash in, the folder just disappeared !  To solve this we eventually managed to email it to ourselves , although opening up attachments is a very slow process in Nazret ! we really do need to invest in a printer of our own since it is so very hard to even get one page printed out with such a palaver !
Our technical problems have continued with a lack of a laptop to use for office work / plans ( and the blog of course ! ) – we are anticipating a donation of one from the US but this is not guaranteed, so worried about how we are going to manage – so many things these days need a computer to work on – from grant applications to letters etc !
On the positive side, graduation practise is going well and things are looking arranged for the summer school programme, although there is a strong possibility of a huge problem in the fact that one of the summer school volunteers is looking like pulling out at the last minute due to visa difficulties ( she has been volunteering elsewhere in the country and her visa for that runs out ! ) – should know for definite on Friday but very concerned that we won’t be able to find a replacement within a week or so ! 
The trouble is that we have three sections – the advanced course, intermediate course and the beginners course – with one volunteer running each of the courses – without one person that means three courses and only two teachers ! So if anyone knows anyone who may be at all interested, pass the word around !!
For the adventurous people in the UK, English Alive has organised parachute jumping ! The charge for the jump is covered with the sponsorships making it a win – win situation – people get the thrill of jumping out of a plane and English Alive receives a donation ! It is organised with – so take a look and have fun !
Don’t forget that the deadline for the sponsorships is fast approaching ! – sponsorships are trickling in slow but steadily which is excellent – all we need now is a little boost so that as many children as possible can receive the education that they deserve ! – all the information can be found at the top of this blog page and on the website – so take a look and spread the news !

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