Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Still looking for volunteers during the summer!

Exams are well underway here, with the arrival of fuel enabling the school to function as normal ! The main problem with exams is the overall cost, with examinations being compulsory for all of the pupils – even the 3 year olds !!! However, we are busy writing grant applications for a printer and photocopy which will significantly decrease costs ! – So if we are lucky, we will have those in place by the next exams at the end of June !
Good news and bad news this week regarding volunteers. Unfortunately, Helen – our volunteer from the UK who was scheduled to come out at the end of May and stay for the summer school now has dropped out since she needs to start work earlier than anticipated ! On the positive side however, we had an unexpected email from Josh – an American who works with the Delta airline to say that he would be over in Ethiopia from this Friday for a month and would be interested in volunteering ! With Iris ( the previous volunteer ) only leaving the school a few days ago, this will mean that there has been a minimal gap between volunteers – which is great for teachers and pupils alike !
Unusually this means that we have 2 vacancies for the summer period ( July 17th – August 16th ) –  as well as for the month of June - so if anyone is interested, please  get in touch ! – We would be very glad to see you !
We have spent most of this week fundraising under Iris’ guidance. A variety of grants have been formulated and are in the process of being sent off, so hope that funds for a good supply of materials will soon be secured !
We have been successful in our application to Google grants , which provide us with $330 daily for free advertising ! ( have you ever spotted those little adverts at the top or side of your search ?! )  we are hoping that these will help with publicising our name and directing people towards our website and our sponsorship programme with
Don’t forget to surf and shop online and raise funds for English Alive !!!

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