Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Easter

The biggest problem facing the school this week is that there is no petrol in the town of Nazret ! No one seems to know why and when it will come back , but although we struggled with the school bus yesterday , there is no fuel for today so the school is closed. The good thing is that we break for Easter on the Friday , so hope that fuel is back by Monday so school can carry on ! Exams start next Wednesday, so it is vital that the school bus is up and running by then !
Next week, Iris – our volunteer from Holland leaves after an exceptional four week stay. She really has worked hard at enthusing the teachers and attempting different ways to make English grammar exciting ! There will now be a little break with volunteers , until the end of May when Helen from the UK arrives.
Although applications for the summer usually have to be booked at least 6 months ahead, due to a last minute cancellation, we have one spare place for the summer school which runs from July 17th – about 27th August – so is anyone is interested , please visit the website  for more information as well as the application form.
My latest delve into modern technology has been the formation of a twitter account ! – must admit that knowledge about it is limited, but since I didn’t really know about facebook until a couple of months ago, realise that knowledge doesn’t really matter ! – At the moment we don’t have any followers ! – so if you are a twitterer ( is that the correct term ?! ) then follow us on : ethiopiaschool
As promised last week when UK surfers and shoppers were targeted,  the information for  US surfers and shoppers follows :  ( sorry for all those millions of people who live in other countries for not providing you with information, HOWEVER  - please feel free to go ahead and set up your own English Alive surfers and shoppers accounts ! – a great way to justify your latest spending spree ! )


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SHOPPERS (USA only – see previous blog for UK details )
It’s the easiest way to help raise money for Ethiopia’s English Alive Academy! If you already shop online with the major retailers  such as Amazon, EBay and thousands of high street stores, then we need you to sign up or free to raise money while you shop.
So how does it work ?
You shop directly with the retailer as you would normally, but if you sign up to :
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