Friday, August 27, 2010

Volunteers needed for September!!!!

The key word for this week is WET ! – Shockingly for Nazareth, the rainy season has started to invade in the daytime rather than solely at night as previously. This has meant that things are rapidly coming to a standstill since people are simply not used to it and thus find it too cold to continue ! The children however, are unaffected without enough internal energy to keep themselves warm and lively !

The bad news here is that the Ethiopian government have changed their minds about grade five. After we have spent the whole summer wasting time and money on making new walls, floors an roofs for their classroom as well as in numerous tables and chairs – not to mention advertising the fact heavily throughout the town – the government suddenly came round and causally informed us that they have changed their minds !!!!!!!

Considering that they were the ones who told us that we could have grade five , then this news is most disappointing to say the least ! Still, there isn’t much we can do about it – but feel very frustrated that we now have a new beautiful ( and expensive ) empty classroom ! – That money could have been much better spent on purchasing a necessary computer or a television set !

Summer school progressing well with the three volunteers – great to have so many people to help out ! Still no one for September however – so please keep your eyes peeled !

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