Monday, May 31, 2010

Our New Volunteer has Arrived!!!!

The latest in Nazareth is that our latest volunteer – Emma Le Vine has now safely arrived. Having had experience of living in China and Poland she should be fine with the rigours and relative isolation of Nazareth. The main difficulty for her however is the lack of maid at the moment. We used to have a very good maid however she got married and now appears to be negatively influenced by her husband and decided to stop work. The next maid only lasted a short while and there has been nobody to help Azeb ( Dawits mother ) for a few months now – which was fine since there were no volunteers so she only had herself to sort out.

Using a kerosene stove is not an easy feat – it requires a certain amount of bravery to get the thing on without burning your fingers and skill to throw water on it at a certain angle so that the flames are extinguished but the string wicks aren’t so dampened with water that they won’t relight when necessary ! Still, I’m sure that she’ll get the hang of it !!!

With the end of term looming in about 5 – 6 weeks we are now thinking about graduation and are starting to make the tapes and prepare costumes so that we can finish the year with a bang !It is a very stressful time at the moment however – graduation, end of year examinations and report cards , preparation for the summer school and getting ready for the next academic year ! – Still the great thing is that Emma is now with us so can be a real help!

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