Saturday, October 24, 2009

Typhoid strikes

Here all is progressing slowly since have been sick with typhoid which meant that the continual process of converting the curriculum was put on hold this week or so ! ( have a lot to do this weekend to catch up ! ) –
Samantha ( the new volunteer ) seems to be fine in Nazareth , although time is racing on and she has been here almost 2 weeks already and has only another 2 weeks left ! – still no sign of a new volunteer to replace her which is a bit worrying since there is much to do – especially with the new grade 4 teacher !- lots of people write for information however not that many people carry on the process after that ! – I suppose that with the recession it s different to get the funds together for the flight ( although things are very cheap once you get here ! )
It was half term at the school where I work for 4 days this week – which meant that the children had a break however, the purpose of the half term was for the teachers to have training – thus have had a lot of work to do to make two full days training ! – it is necessary however since many teachers  ( well all actually ! ) don’t really understand any other technique than writing on the board for pupils to copy ! – even for the 3 year olds !!! – still I suppose you can only go one step at a time !!!

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