Tuesday, September 15, 2009


HAPPY ETHIOPIAN NEW YEAR ( 2002 ) for Friday 11th September – all is excitement here as the new year is here – New Year in many ways is the biggest festival of the year and the streets are packed with sheep and goats for sale – it is traditional to buy a goat and then take it to your house – if you are strong then you will hang it up in your garden and then kill it, skin it and then cut it up ( although not into joints as such but cut at random ) – otherwise you can employ one of the many professional killers who will come and do it for you for a few birr. Afterwards you can sell the skin to one of the many buyers on the corners of the street – so each street corner is full of piles of bloody skins ( not for the squeamish ! )

       However, we are not having a goat or sheep – we are off to the mothers house for dora wot – ( spicy chicken ) so that will be nice ! We are hoping that the 2 volunteers that we currently have – Kim from New Zealand and Frasier from Australia will manage to make it up from Nazareth for the lunch as well – so it will be a nice full house !!


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