Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Looking ahead to a new phonics programme

Some of our new Letterland resources

All of a sudden it seems as if it is almost the end of the school year – yet again ! One minute it seems to be half way through the year and everyone is plodding along contentedly and the next minute we need to be thinking about the end of the year fete / getting ready for next year and once again start raising funds to cover the most difficult time of the year – the summertime !
The third set of exams are now behind us – and only one more set left ! It does seem to have been a never ending regime of writing up, typing and photocopying exams = but since these are the rules and regulations we are forced to stick with them !
We have been extremely fortunate to have a set of materials sent by the Letterland people which we are now busy studying ready for the changes and development of phonics through Letterland next year ! It is hard sometimes to keep up with the ever-changing face of education and these materials really will set us on the right track towards advancing our English phonic lessons – so roll on next year with our new phonics curriculum !

Keen to get learning !

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