Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy Ethiopian Christmas !

 In addition to having their own time ( the day starting at 6 am when the sun rises and finishing at 6 pm when the sun sets – thus making Ethiopian time 6 hours behind Western time ) Ethiopia has its own Christmas – which will be on 7th January. 

 Christmas here is a one day affair – although for the women is a two- three day case since the traditional dish of dora wot ( chicken stew ) is typically eaten at Christmas , which requires about ten kilos of onions to be finely chopped to make the dish !  Presents are not exchanged and the highlight of the day is the eating of the chicken, since meat is an expensive treat. 

Each year, the school has a Christmas party with cake, sweets and biscuits as well as soft drink ! In other countries  all these artificial sweeteners etc  would be frowned upon , however for pupils at our school this may well be a once a year treat ! 

Some of the things that our students are looking forward to for Christmas : 

Sosina ( aged 8 ) " I  want to eat popcorn for Christmas ! " 

Eyob  ( age 12 ) – “ I am looking forward to wearing my jacket, shirt and new shoes. “

                        Alazar ( age 7 )  " I can't wait to eat traditional bread. "

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