Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Saved at the very last minute !

Amazing news ! - With only a month to go at long last we have found a suitable place to rent out for the grade school ! It is far - located to the North of Nazret town in a developing area - but the price is right and it is the answer to our problems !
The school itself at the base of a mountain
             It was previously a school a few years ago and has been unused for a couple of years. We intend to actually have two schools on the premises - a kindergarten ( for pupils aged 3 - 6 ) and grade 1 - 4 with a fence inbetween which means that in actual fact we are now extending the school - having two kindergartens and one grade 1 - 4 school - all exciting news !

            With a limited time frame things are very busy here sorting out tables and chairs and school supplies - it is surprising how much stuff is needed for a new school from tables and chairs to scissors and paintbrushes - look out for our shopping list soon for those who want to be part of this new exciting development !

The surrounding area

The road still being built

The school itself

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