Thursday, December 20, 2012

Visitors ALWAYS welcome!

Grade 3 circle time with our American volunteer Nicole.

These last few weeks have been full of visitors ! – the first was the crew from the airline KLM who came to see how we had spent our enhancement grant – we were proud to show off the new photocopier and the vastly improved curriculum as a result, the new tables and chairs in the eating room and the freshly painted walls ! They were very impressed with the changes that we had made – sometimes when you are in a place, you don’t really have time to reflect on how far you have come – you only look at what you can see today – so it was great to get input from others !
                 We are now hoping to get a water grant from KLM – Wings of Support  - for a water tank and water filter. This will enable us to have a constant supply of water ( something very rare in Nazret ) and for the pupils to be able to drink clean safe water rather than contaminated tap water.
                  Next on the visitor list was Sara from Italy. She had been a volunteer at English Alive last summer and was back in Ethiopia for a visit. Again, she was thrilled to see the changes and to volunteer in  the school in the usual mode since she had only experienced the summer school sessions.
                 Nicole from the USA was our third visitor –  bringing great energy and enthusiasm, Nicole taught new active educational games, giving both  pupils and teachers a new perspective on previously considered “ boring “ topics.
                 We are now eagerly awaiting the arrival of our two British volunteers – Alice and Chris – who will be with us for a whole month ! – we really are lucky to have the support and assistance of so many people !

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