Wednesday, October 10, 2012

World Smile Day!

After 3 weeks of pupils trickling in, at last almost all pupils seem to be back and we are once again starting to settle into a routine.
              We have 48 nursery children ( aged 3 ) so will need to split them into 2 classes so that they can receive the individual attention needed – so will alter the current library into a classroom and  alter the timetable so that they are out at different activities when the library is in use !
            Kindergarten pupils really are enjoying the new educational aspects this year  - a new science programme and a new daily activity of small world – which is a large injera tray ( injera being the local pancake which forms the base of all meals ) and small toys ( such as figures / cars / animals ) and then bits and pieces ( sparkles / stones / wood chippings etc ) – pupils then manipulate the toys with the idea of stimulating their imagination ! – teachers were initially dubious when the idea was presented, but with the pupils taking to it immediately  - have changed their minds  !
           One really amazing addition this year has been the revolution of our English programme in the grade ( and KG 2 ) –  two of our summer volunteers – Jennifer and Martin – were kind ( and organised ) enough to scan and download a complete English system – and with our new printer and photocopier we were able to print, trim and copy meaning that we now have a fantastic resource which will really make a difference !
           We are also embarking on a programme of celebrating world days and events – so had a hilarious day on World Smile day – with pupils counting how many times they could smile ( the highest recorded was 423 ! ) drawing about what makes them smile and practising smiling the whole day !

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