Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Looking for a clever Christmas gift idea?

If your child has a teacher who will get 25 mugs and a handful of Starbucks cards this December, or you have a grandparent who has everything... think about purchasing a brick from English Alive Academy in their name to  help English Alive Academy achieve their dream of building their very own school by this coming September!!

Buy a brick !
English Alive Academy just secured a grant for land !
      now we need to raise £ 22,000 to build a kindergarten school on this land.
The purpose-built kindergarten school will:
Ø  be spacious – with each classroom having space for activities and playing areas.
Ø  have its own eating area ( rather than eating on the floor in the classrooms )
Ø  be hygienic – with tiled lavatories
Ø  ensure the future of English Alive Academy through a guaranteed location.
Ø  enhance school finances through elimination of paying rent for school buildings.

Our dream is to build the school by September 2012.
Each £ 2 / $ 4 / € 2.50 donation will buy four bricks.
For those wishing to give bricks as a gift, gift certificates are available for donations of £ 2 / $ 4 / € 2.50 and above.
For donations of £ 20 / $ 40 / € 25 - your name written on a brick prior to use in the wall (a photograph of your named brick will be sent to you)
For donations of £ 200 / $ 400 / € 250  - an entire wall will be named in your honour – this name proudly painted at the top of the wall ( photograph sent via email)

1/. Direct payment into the English Alive Academy UK bank account
Bank details :  Name : Ethiopian Schools for the Poor         
 Bank :HSBC     Sort code 402503              Account number 21484613

2/. Payment into the English Alive PayPal account
3/. Cheque
Please made payable to “ Ethiopian Schools for the Poor - English Alive Academy “ and send to our UK volunteer office:
5 Westbourne Street, Hove, East Sussex, BN35PE

4/. Pay by credit credit via
****** Please note – if you wish to receive your gift certificate, don’t forget to send an email to :  info@englishaliveacademy.org stating the name that you wish to be put on the gift certificate.

Ethiopian Schools for the Poor - English Alive Academy
Registered Charity Number 1140681


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