Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sponsorships are beginning!!

Here it is all action with trying to get the web site sorted out and organise fundraising campaigns! Unfortunately, power has not been very cooperative this week and this made progress very slow and frustrating, however, we believe that if we keep plodding on then we will get it all done !
At school, our grade 4 teacher – Lemma – has left since he was offered a much better salary at another school. Although teachers work for a lower salary due to the interesting work with educational materials and on going teacher training , with ever-increasing prices of basic commodities such as food and transport, this has meant that the salary given is fast becoming not enough to survive on ! This is a huge problem, since we do not have the funds to pay teachers any more , with even the current expenses being a great difficulty now that we do not have a stable income from my work. The income from the writing is bitty to say the least and it is impossible to get a living wage from what I am doing ! However, believe that God will provide and although you can’t live on fresh air for ever, the knowledge that I am doing the right thing in helping so many children have a decent education is enough for now !

Don’t forget that if you want to sign up for the English Alive newsletter simply send a blank email to either or with the word                                          “ newsletter “ in the subject box .

 We are fortunate in having yet another child sponsored this week  – his name is Mikias and he is currently in grade 2 aged 8.

The latest child to be sponsered at the school - Mikias aged 8.  We first made contact with Mikias when his very old grandmother came to the school in a desperate state. Both his mother and father had died of aids, as well as many other members of his family, leaving his grandmother as the only living relative. Too old to work, Mikias’ grandmother was faced with a desperate situation of either putting Mikias in an orphanage to receive an education or gaining a full scholarship. Of course, English Alive Academy were unable to turn Mikias away and he has been educated at the school for the past year, receiving free textbooks, uniform, tuition fees and transportation.
Mikias’ future is uncertain. With the old grandmother rapidly aging with the additional pressures of attempting to feed and clothe the two of them, we can only hope that she does not pass away before Mikias is old enough to look after himself , with there being a desperate need for Mikias to work hard and gain an excellent education at English Alive Academy , so that in the future he is able to get a decent job and support himself.

There are many children like Mikias in the school who totally rely on the kindness of others to support them. For children like this, there are no alternatives and thus it is essential that in September 2011 we have enough funds to extend the school up to school leaving age so that all children have a fighting chance.

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