Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all our readers ( even though it is a non event here as it is still 2003 and the New Year isn’t until September ! )

There are two good pieces of news this week – the first is that we have another volunteer coming ( Paula ) – two weeks In February ! Not the longest time I know, but it will be great to have someone else ! The teachers are all so much more motivated when a volunteer is around and the kids really gain so much from hearing a different accent and experiencing new and active teaching methods !

The second is that Fraser ( our first ever male volunteer – the one who helped out with the last bit for the van ) and his family have decided to give the school a Christmas present so will soon be investing in a computer !!!! Despite all the power problems, everyone is keen on computers and it will be incredibly exciting to have computer lessons ! The only problem is that none of the teachers really knows how to use a computer so somehow we will have to train one of the teachers first before they can teach the pupils ! The good thing is that the level of instruction will be pretty basic, simply parts of the computer , how to use word and draw pictures as well as playing educational games on the machine !! It will be a very exciting development – a computer is just what we need in our little lives !!!!

On a personal front, things aren’t so great ! – At long last managed to leave the paid job ! The trouble was that at the last minute, our son decided that he didn’t want to be homeschooled ( we can’t afford a decent school for them ) – he didn’t realise that it was permanent and thought that he could choose on a daily basis – when he wanted to go to “ real “ school then he could and when he didn’t want to go, then he stayed at home and was home schooled !! The worst bit was when he talked about his little friends and asked that when he was in the classroom, who would make him laugh !!! He is slowly getting over it, but it is hard for him to understand why he can’t go to school like all his little friends !!!

Still trying with the writing to get in a bit of an income but things are slow ! - there are agencies which pay 2 dollars for an article but you need a lot of 2 dollars to support two schools and a family of four !!! Still plodding on with the fundraising but it is all time consuming and requires a clear and thoughtful brain ! – Something that with all the stresses at the moment – isn’t available !!!

Still – roll on Christmas and who knows what God will provide for us just around the corner !!!

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