Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ideas for Gifts for the Holidays

Here all is busy with the sudden arrival of two volunteers – Layla from Australia arrived last Thursday and went down to Nazareth on Saturday to get orientated before starting work on Monday. It was an enormous relief to have a volunteer since we had almost given up getting anyone for the Christmas period thus was a tremendous surprise to find that Antonia ( another Australian ) was also interested in volunteering for a month meaning that once again we have two volunteers – an excellent number with two schools otherwise the one person is a bit stretched ! We look forward to her arrival in the middle of the night tonight ( the flight always seem to come in the middle of the night which does make us all a bit disoriented the next day at my day job ! – however, it is more than worth it ! )

One person has come up with a wonderful idea of unique Christmas presents this year and although it is late in the day, I hope that some people will be interested ! – the idea is to give gift certificates of things for English Alive rather than material goods ! – as you know, we are unable to issue our own certificates since the internet is so slow ( and so expensive with the use of the internet cafĂ© ! ) however if you wish to purchase something then we can send you some photographs of the school/ children that you can attach to your card explaining your gift – hope that some people are interested in these alternative Christmas gifts and give something a little more meaningful this year :

Our present list includes :

School uniform – 10 dollars

School shoes ( rather than the flip-flops tied together with string ) – 11 dollars

Set of 6 plastic cups for pupils to use at break/ lunchtimes rather than the yoghurt pots currently used – 3 dollars

Set of 12 pencils – 1 dollar

Transportation for the pupils to get to the school – 4 dollars a month

Set of 12 coloured pencils – 2 dollars

Box of chalk – 2 dollars

Tape machine - 28 dollars

Video player – 110 dollars

Set of textbooks for a pupil – 5 dollars

To purchase one of these gifts you can :

Pay by PayPal ( )

Put money in the English Alive Account in the UK :

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