Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Student enrollment at 197!!

Here is the weekly blog :

This week our American volunteer is due to leave which means that for the first time in over a year we have no volunteer ! –this is not good news since due to the new regulations, we have more English classes to make up for lack of English during the day !

 Samantha – our latest volunteer really has done a good job in the month that she has been here – the students English really has come on and they are now onto complicated grammar such as past continuous !- the only trouble is that since this is the first year that we have had year 4 ( the 12 year olds ) so the English books that we use to help us were all beginner level, however the year 4’s are now upto intermediate level for which we have no books, so we are busy racking our brains for the grammar areas and exercises etc as well as the Literature that goes with it !

      The good news is the nursery class ( the 3 year olds ) has been steadily increasing and we now have 54 children at that level ! – in many other schools it is normal to have this number of kids in one class, however, we set a limit of 30 per class so are busy converting the sleeping room into another classroom so that we have two nursery classes ! – the first time we have ever had a 2 form entry !

This also means that we now have a student population of 194 children ! – not bad when you consider that we started with just 37 a few years ago !!


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