Monday, September 28, 2009

First days of the school year

Regarding our current needs – we are currently saving for a van to transport the children to the grade school ( this is a huge investment and I’m not sure that we will ever make it !! ) whilst at the same time saving for a TV since our current one is broken and it really was useful !!!!
Many thanks for you concern and help – very much appreciated – Stephanie

This week was all go since it was the opening of the school year whilst at the same time the wedding of Dawits sister ! – the weddings here go on and on and on – with the families doing almost all the work so they aren’t a day of relaxation but sheer hard work , organizing all the food / drinks / serving them all etc !!! – thus Sunday ( the day before school started ) was an exhausting time !!! Then there is another party at the house of the bride 3 days after – this in many ways is even more important since it is a direct reflection on the family and if it goes badly then the whole family are disrepute !!! – I am glad to announce that it did go well however and we are currently now only getting ready for the third party – on the fifth day – the reunion of the family – after which we can relax ( or collapse with exhaustion ! )
        I think that having this coinciding with the first week of school probably made it all feel too much ! – however the first week is going quite well – although unfortunately our volunteer Kim is off at the end of the week although we still have Fraser for a few weeks before hopefully being replaced with Sarah Hollingsbury.
     I am glad to report that I have now secured a second job – my current job gives me one morning and one afternoon off a week – so on one of those times I am the educational consultant for another school – so I go there – analyze the difficulties – write training programmes / lesson plans etc during the week and then go back the next week to deliver them and instruct others how to implement them and decide what the next area of focus should be !!! – it is a lot of hard work but we really need to maintain a regular income since English Alive needs the rent to be paid on a regular basis !!! – still  we hope that one day we will be self sufficient and achieve our dream of just working for ourselves !!!

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