Thursday, August 20, 2009

Still poor power situation

This week sees the conclusion of the summer bird project - Johanna - the volunteer from Belgium has spent a lot of time and energy in making a giant sized bird complete with flapping wings - the plan is to wheel the giant bird along the high street and then give out leaflets about the school with the slogan - English Alive Academy gives you the wings to let you fly !!! - she is going to video it all and when she goes back to Belgium ( on Wednesday ) she will put it on youtube and then everyone can have a look - will let you have the details of where it is once she has put it on !
      the power remains terrible - one day on and one day off ( except it is hardly on when it is supposed to be ! ) yet the rains are heavy - so no one is quite sure where the power is going - at one stage the power was being sold to some other country so we think that this may be the situtaion once again - there is no news as to when the power will return - if ever ! so that is a little worrying !! - still, the good thing is that you get a lot of sleep since there are only limited things that you can do by the light of a candle !!!

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