Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Update from Stephanie

Regarding this weeks update ! – we are currently struggling with power since due to eh absence of the short rains which should have come in about February then we have severe power shortages – it is currently one day on and one day off ( with lots of unscheduled times in between ) – although we don’t use much power at the school ( since we don’t have computers ) but we are now starting practising for the end of term graduation ceremony ( which is rather like a show ) and since it is all singing and dancing then we need the tape machines to work ( we cant afford batteries )

     We have now formally applied to be a registered charity in the UK and are awaiting the results – it would be fabulous to be a charity since then we would have much more credibility when applying for a grant.

    We are still looking for volunteers for the summer school as well as for September – people don’t have to have qualifications or experience ( although that would be preferred ) – the only ting is that to qualify for the free accommodation they need to be female in order that they share the accommodation with the manager of the school ( Dawit's mother ) – males can come but they need to pay for their own accommodation ( about 3 dollars a night )

      I am planning on going to the Uk in the summer and bringing stuff back – books / educational toys etc – if anyone lives in the Brighton area of the Uk can they please start trying to get donations ( local schools often throw a lot of stuff away at the end of the year which is nice and many people with children have old books and toys etc that are unused ) – then I will come and collect it when I come to the UK and I can take it back with me as luggage


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