Thursday, May 14, 2009

If you are having difficulty with the gift monkey site do not despair.  Other's are having trouble too.  If you are compelled to make a donation of books, cash, or school supplies please send an e-mail directly to Stephanie and Dawit for proper arrangements.  
Right now the internet service in Ethiopia is somewhat sketchy at best.  Apparently  they have entered the mandatory black out season.  Stephanie will return you e-mails when she has a chance and the power cooperates.  In Stephanie's own words,
" the power situation here isn’t good at the moment since because the short rains were light the country is running out of water to keep the electricity going thus we now have scheduled power one day on and one day off – in the meanwhile we have unscheduled power cuts which can last quite a while !!! – the good news is that this wont last forward and we should have continual power again by September !!!"

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